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Taking the first steps to pursuing an online degree can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! Our site was created to help you simplify the process to take the first steps in finding an online college that is an ideal fit based on your interests, background, and study preferences. Follow our simple 3 step process below to request information, connect with a college advisor, and choosing a college

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Which Online College Is Best for Me?

When considering which college would be the best fit for you, it is important to first start with your interests. We believe that when choosing a school, you should first search schools that offer degree programs in an area of study you are interested. For example, if you are interested in a psychology degree, you should first make sure your future college has an accredited psychology program. 

After uncovering that a college offers a program you would like to study, next it is important to choose a degree level based on your career expectations. We suggest a bachelor's degree as your first degree, unless you are interested in a career that specifically requires a certificate or diploma. Many colleges offer an associates degree program with a bachelor's degree program that can be used as a degree stepping stone. See below for a few institutions that are accredited, affordable, and have an array of online degree programs available.

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How to Choose An Online Degree Program?

If you’re looking to get a degree online, you’re probably motivated at least in part by one of their chief benefits: convenience. While some online degree programs require at least some face time, our college matches are completely virtual, allowing you to complete your coursework at home or from any location. This sort of flexible scheduling is especially important if you’re juggling a family, a job, or both.

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Business & Finance

Whether you want a reliable foundation of knowledge to build upon or specialized expertise in a particular area, a business degree can provide a valuable combination of business fundamentals, leadership and management competencies, and soft skills that can position you for a variety of career paths.

Human resources meeting

Criminal Justice

Learn to conduct appropriate research, develop theories, investigate crime scenes and compose reports. You’ll also have the opportunity to study behavioral science, psychology and logic. With a bachelor’s in criminal justice, you’ll be well prepared with the skills you need to enter the field confidently.

People working on a brain


Pursue a psychology degree and explore major psychological concepts, such as learning, motivation, substance abuse and child advocacy, as well as liberal arts topics, such as humanities, composition, civilization and statistics.

Teacher pointing to a blackboard

Education & Teaching

If you are interested in becoming a teacher and are looking for schools to attend, consider getting an online teaching degree. A degree in education has a curriculum will cover the core components of teaching, including classroom management, leadership, learning styles, lesson planning, and teaching methods.

People working together on a computer

Computer Technology

IT programs can help you gain the expertise needed to pursue professional roles that involve evaluating, designing, implementing or testing systems related to computer networks, databases, information security, the cloud and other aspects of this ever-evolving sector.

doctor and nurse checking on a patient

Healthcare & Nursing

The world needs medical, public health and health administration professionals who can innovate and evolve to meet the changing needs of the field. A healthcare degrees can provide you with the skills and knowledge essential to addressing these needs and positively impacting the health of individuals, families and diverse populations.

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